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Genres Book/Chapter Author Updated
[Romance] The Brother Who Hates Me So Much Chapter 13 He was not insecure at all    Eustoma 11-21 17:11
[Romance] Gemstone: The Burning Game of Love Chapter 23 His Vixen Was Up To Something    Eustoma 11-21 16:44
[Romance] Under the Sakura Chapter 8 Don’t say you love me    Elria Cortez 11-21 14:43
[Romance] My Mr. Soldier Chapter 250 Move Back (Part Three)    Xing Chen 11-21 14:22
[Romance] The Substitute Bride Chapter 162 Grandma Was In A Coma    Rabbit 11-21 13:37
[Romance] Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife Chapter 34 Sever the Father-daughter Relationship    Shi Liu Xiao Jie 11-21 11:07
[Romance] Mr. President, Do You Mind If I Fall in Love with You? Chapter 13 A Chicken Can Never Become a Phoenix    Shi Xinyue 11-21 09:59
[Romance] Breaking the Ice Chapter 60 Epilogue (We will try)    Elria Cortez 11-21 08:27
[Romance] Happy Together Chapter 6 In The Same Car With Him    Vegetable 11-21 02:09
[Romance] My Wife is an Aloof Beauty Chapter 525 It's Better For A Woman To Be Fierce (Part Two)    Di Sheng You Yang 11-21 01:38
[Romance] Ceaseless Gravity Chapter 40 The Interrogation of the King    JMFelic 11-21 01:04
[Romance] Vengeful Girl with Her CEO Chapter 428 Being The Lady Of The Mu Clan Is Not A Big Deal    Mei Jiao 11-21 00:11
[Adventure] Infiniteum Chapter 13 Damsel in Distress--Not!    Rinkou 11-20 17:00
[Romance] I Like Your Shoes Chapter 9 I Condemn Women To Hell    Sivani Yasashree 11-20 12:52
[Adventure] Reborn as a Sea Nymph Chapter 33 THIRTY THREE    butterfly_effect 11-20 00:16
[Romance] Tell Me The Words I Want To Hear Chapter 3 She broke up with me    RisakoIsabel 11-19 11:07
[Romance] Nothing Like A Perfect Moment Chapter 16 Sixteen    Symplyayisha 11-19 07:36
[Romance] Unbreakable Vow Chapter 24 Cynthia is the only person i need    Mystical Nymph 11-19 01:08
[Fantasy] My Corpse Husband Chapter 29 29    Lady Prim 11-18 01:17
[Romance] My Billionaire Angel Chapter 10 I Raped Pink Rose!    April Melody 11-18 00:26
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