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Genres Book/Chapter Author Updated
[Romance] Not So Perfect Chapter 25 Epilogue    Stephany 11-17 03:18
[Romance] Falling For Asher Chapter 28 Twenty Eight    Stephany 11-17 03:09
[Romance] Taming Mr. Cold and Arrogant Chapter 78 I was wrong!    Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez 11-17 02:11
[Romance] The Spoiled Girl Chapter 1046 The Third Person Joined The Party    Lan Ke Ke 11-17 02:00
[Fantasy] Lord Of Martial Arts Chapter 291 Seven-holy Fruit    Meng Mian 11-17 01:15
[Romance] The Substitute Bride Chapter 1858 So Coincidental    Mi Lu 11-17 00:57
[Romance] Take My Breath Away Chapter 670 She's Here For A Purpose    Bai Cha 11-17 00:24
[Fantasy] Apotheosis Chapter 1704 Zen Won    En Ci Jie Tuo 11-17 00:19
[Romance] Waiting For a Girl Like You Chapter 519 My Daughter Or Not (Part One)    Vegetable 11-17 00:16
[Fantasy] The Legend of Innate Mage Chapter 533 Two Spiritual Emperors That Came Back    Hua Luo Wei Yao 11-17 00:14
[Billionaires] Vengeful Girl with Her CEO Chapter 1189 Lasted For Two Years    Mei Jiao 11-17 00:11
[Romance] The Enchanted Night Chapter 754 You Are Different (Part Two)    Chu Se 11-17 00:11
[Fantasy] Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne Chapter 159 Report With Malicious Intent (Part One)    Fei Xiang 11-17 00:11
[Romance] Love Crisis Chapter 1490 Extra Story Of Mark Encounter    Yue Xia Xiao Hun 11-17 00:11
[Fantasy] Rebirth of Martial God Chapter 1324 What A Cultivation Frenzy! (Part One)    Wo Chi Mian Bao 11-17 00:01
[Romance] Unbreak My Heart Chapter 344 A Slap On The Face    Qing Han 11-17 00:01
[Romance] SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME Chapter 49 Epilogue    Kathrine kayz 11-16 21:07
[Romance] Cold Showers Chapter 36 Thirty Six    Symplyayisha 11-16 18:26
[Fantasy] The Devil's Mate Chapter 42 NO.42    gottabeme123 11-16 18:02
[Romance] Destined Chapter 19 The Storm    itssanjh 11-16 15:23
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