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Genres Book/Chapter Author Updated
[Romance] Fake Marriage: Love Takes Me To You Chapter 321 Passed Love    Moonlight Under Sycamore 11-24 10:28
[Romance] Burning: From Hatred To Love Chapter 163 The Bane Of My Life    Prince 11-24 10:19
[Romance] My CEO Daddy Chapter 611 Thank You Note    Kitten 11-24 10:08
[Romance] My Ex-husband Comes Back Chapter 394 Thank You Note    Banana 11-24 09:42
[Romance] All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love Chapter 532 Ryan Was In Hospital    Xiang Si 11-24 09:29
[Romance] Marriage Contract: Love Game With CEO Chapter 388 Extra Story Protect You (Part One)    Candy 11-24 09:12
[Romance] Royal's Substitute Bride: Fall Into Love Trap Chapter 239 Penniless Justin    Su Banqing 11-24 08:20
[Fantasy] Rebirth of Martial God Chapter 4796 The Battle    Smoke 11-24 08:06
[Fantasy] Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne Chapter 1418 Working At The Beast Farm    Dragon 11-24 07:56
[Romance] Contract With The Devil: Perfect Lover Chapter 495 News Got Out    Tree 11-24 05:19
[Romance] My Sweet Super Wife Chapter 596 It's So Good To Have You    Kong Chan 11-24 05:18
[Romance] Remarry My Ex-wife: First and Forever Love Chapter 393 Kathryn And Elliot    RUN 11-24 03:20
[Romance] Love, Betrayal and Revenge: Ex-wife's Irresistible Temptation Chapter 68 Insider Information    Ophelia 11-24 02:58
[Fantasy] Lord Of Martial Arts Chapter 1664 The Di Clan's Territory    Flyhigh 11-24 01:44
[Romance] Dream Or Not: A Devil Or An Angel Chapter 526 Acting Skills    Guxin Ruchu 11-24 01:13
[Fantasy] Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown Chapter 999 Fast Reading    Sky 11-24 00:46
[Romance] Trapped Inside This Madness Chapter 560 The Man In Black Suit (Part One)    Cry Out Loud 11-24 00:11
[Romance] The Closer, The Better Chapter 584 She Began to Be Silent    Dong Lier 11-24 00:11
[History] Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family Chapter 864 She Was Heartbroken (Part Two)    Princess 11-24 00:11
[Romance] Timeless Adoration Chapter 798 The Mo Family Is Over    Luo Xi 11-24 00:11
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