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The Camp Fire Girls Solve a Mystery; Or, The Christmas Adventure at Carver House By Hildegard G. Frey Characters: 3455

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In the morning Sylvia was so much better that Nyoda allowed her to sit up out of bed, and there, sitting beside the wheel chair which was to be the throne of the little princess all her life, she told Sylvia the story of her parentage. For a moment Sylvia sat as if turned to stone; then with a cry of unbelieving ecstasy, she clasped the picture of Sylvia Warrington to her heart.

"My mother!"

Nyoda stole out softly and left the two of them together.

* * * * * * *

Later on in the afternoon there was a lively bustle of preparation in Sylvia's room. The great carved armchair that had served as throne on the night of the party had been brought up from the library, and once more covered with its purple velvet draperies. Sylvia, whose romantic fancy had seized eagerly upon the immense dramatic possibilities of the occasion, had insisted upon being arrayed as the princess when her father should come in to see her.

"The king is coming! The king is coming!" she exclaimed every few moments. "Array me in my most splendid robes, for my royal father, the king, is coming!"

Thrills of excitement, like little needle pricks, ran up and down her spine; her whole being seemed alight with some wonderful inner radiance, that shone through the flesh and transfigured it with unearthly beauty.

Nyoda brought the fairy-like white dress and draped it about her, playing the r?le of lady-in-waiting with spirit. Every time she passed before Sylvia she bowed low; she made the Winnebagos stand up in a line and pass in the bracelets from hand to hand; she herself brought in the crown on a cushion, and placed it upon Sylvia's head with much ceremony.

"Doesn't she look like a real royal princess, though!" Migwa

n exclaimed to Hinpoha in the far end of the room. "I feel actually abashed before her, knowing all the while that it's only playing."

"O, if she could only have been cured!" Hinpoha sighed in answer. "How much jollier it would have been!"

Migwan echoed the sigh. "Life is very strange," she said musingly. "Things don't always come out the way we want them to."

"That's so," said Hinpoha, beginning to see a great many sober possibilities in life which had never before occurred to her.

An automobile horn sounded outside. "There's Sherry now, bringing Dr. Phillips back from their ride," said Migwan. "They'll be coming up in a few minutes."

The horn sounded again.

"The royal trumpeter!" cried Sylvia. "Our royal father, the king, approaches!"

She settled the crown more firmly upon her head, and sat up very straight on her throne. Her cheeks glowed like roses; her eyes were like great stars. Nyoda watched her keenly for any signs of being overcome with excitement.

From the hall came the sound of footsteps.

"His Majesty, the King," said Nyoda, throwing open the door with a dramatic flourish.

For a moment Dr. Phillips stood transfixed upon the threshold, overcome by the scene of splendor within.

Then he held out his arms to her, forgetting that she was paralyzed.



Then the amazing thing happened. Sylvia rose to her feet, stepped from the throne, and ran across the room into her father's arms.

"It happens sometimes," explained Dr. Phillips a few moments later, when they had all recovered from their first stupefied amazement. "Some great shock, and the paralyzed nerves wake to life again. That is what has taken place here. She is cured."

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