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   Chapter 190 No.190

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1197

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635 Ellen, the while, with bursting heart,

Remained in lordly bower apart,

Where played, with many colored gleams,

Through storied pane the rising beams.

In vain on gilded roof they fall,

640 And lightened up a tapestried wall,

And for her use a menial train

A rich collation spread in vain.

The banquet proud, the chamber gay,

Scarce drew one curious glance astray;

645 Or if she looked, 'twas but to say,

With better omen dawned the day

In that lone isle where waved on high

The dun-deer's hide for canopy;

Where oft her noble father shared

650 The si

mple meal her care prepared,

While Lufra, crouching by her side,

Her station claimed with jealous pride,

And Douglas, bent on woodland game,

Spoke of the chase to Malcolm Graeme,

655 Whose answer, oft at random made,

The wandering of his thoughts betrayed.

Those who such simple joys have known,

Are taught to prize them when they're gone.

But sudden, see, she lifts her head!

660 The window seeks with cautious tread.

What distant music has the power

To win her in this woeful hour!

Twas from a turret that o'erhung

Her latticed bower, the strain was sung.

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