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   Chapter 188 No.188

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1384

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"'Revenge! revenge!' the Saxons cried;

575 The Gaels' exulting shout replied.

Despite the elemental rage,

Again they hurried to engage;

But, ere they closed in desperate fight,

Bloody with spurring came a knight,

580 Sprung from his horse, and, from a crag,

Waved 'twixt the hosts a milk-white flag.

Clarion and trumpet by his side

Rung forth a truce-note high and wide,

While, in the Monarch's name, afar

585 An herald's voice forbade the war,

For Bothwell's lord, and Roderick bold,note

Were both, he said, in captive hold."

-But here the lay made sudden stand,

The harp escaped the Minstrel's hand!-

590 Oft had he stolen a glance, to spy

How Roderick brooked his minstrelsy:note

At first, the Chieftain, to the chime,

With lifted hand, kept feeble time;

That motion ceased-yet feeling strong

595 Varied his look as changed the song;

At length, no more his deafened ear

The minstrel melody can hear;

His face grows sharp-his hands are clenched,

As if some pang his heart-strings wrenched;

600 Set are his teeth, his fading eye

Is sternly fixed on vacancy;

Thus, motionless, and moanless, drew

His parting breath, stout Roderick Dhu!

Old Allan-bane looked on aghast,

605 While grim and still his spirit passed;

But when he saw that life was fled,

He poured his wailing o'er the dead.

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