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   Chapter 184 No.184

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1080

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"At once there rose so wild a yellnote

Within that dark and narrow dell,

As all the fiends, from heaven that fell,

430 Had pealed the banner-cry of hell!

Forth from the pass in tumult driven,

Like chaff before the wind of heaven,

The archery appear;

For life! for life! their flight they ply-

435 And shriek, and shout, and battle-cry,

And plaids and bonnets waving high,

And broadswords flashing to the sky,

Are maddening in the rear.

Onward they drive, in dreadful race,

440 Pursuers and pursued;

Before that tide of flight and chase,

How shall it keep its rooted place,

The spearmen's twilight wood?

'Down, down,' cried Mar, 'your lances down!

445 Bear back both friend and foe!'

Like reeds before the tempest's frown,

That serried grove of lances brown

At once lay leveled low;

And closely shouldering side to side,

450 The bristling ranks the onset bide.

'We'll quell the savage mountaineer,

As their Tinchel cows the game!note

They come as fleet as forest deer,

We'll drive them back as tame.'

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