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   Chapter 183 No.183

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1032

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400 "Their light-armed archers far and near

Surveyed the tangled ground,

Their center ranks, with pike and spear,

A twilight forest frowned,

Their barded horsemen, in the rear,

405 The stern battalia crowned.

No cymbal clashed, no clarion rang,

Still were the pipe and drum;

Save heavy tread, and armor's clang,

The sullen march was dumb.

410 There breathed no wind their crests to shake,

Or wave their flags abroad;

Scarce the frail aspen seemed to quake,

That shadowed o'er t

heir road.

Their vaward scouts no tidings bring,

415 Can rouse no lurking foe,

Nor spy a trace of living thing,

Save when they stirred the roe;

The host moves, like a deep-sea wave,

Where rise no rocks its pride to brave,

420 High-swelling, dark, and slow.

The lake is passed, and now they gain

A narrow and a broken plain,

Before the Trossachs' rugged jaws;

And here the horse and spearmen pause,

425 While, to explore the dangerous glen,

Dive through the pass the archer-men.

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