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   Chapter 179 No.179

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1450

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270 Then, from a rusted iron hook,

A bunch of ponderous keys he took,

Lighted a torch, and Allan led

Through grated arch and passage dread.

Portals they passed, where, deep within,

275 Spoke prisoner's moan, and fetters' din;

Through rugged vaults, where, loosely stored,

Lay wheel, and ax, and headsman's sword,

And many an hideous engine grim,

For wrenching joint, and crushing limb,

280 By artist formed, who deemed it shame

And sin to give their work a name.

They halted at a low-browed porch,

And Brent to Allan gave the torch,

While bolt and chain he backward rolled

285 And made the bar unhasp its hold.

They entered-'twas a prison-room

Of stern security and gloom,

Yet not a dungeon; for the day

Through lofty gratings found its way,

290 And rude and antique garniture

Decked the sad walls and oaken floor;

Such as the rugged days of old

Deemed fit for captive noble's hold.

"Here," said De Brent, "thou mayst remain

295 Till the Leech visit him again.

Strict is his charge, the warders tell,

To tend the noble prisoner well."

Retiring then the bolt he drew,

And the lock's murmurings growled anew.

300 Roused at the sound, from lowly bed

A captive feebly raised his head;

The wondering Minstrel looked, and knew-

Not his dear lord, but Roderick Dhu!

For, come from where Clan-Alpine fought,

305 They, erring, deemed the Chief he sought.

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