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   Chapter 178 No.178

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1227

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When Ellen forth with Lewis went,

240 Allan made suit to John of Brent:

"My lady safe, O let your grace

Give me to see my master's face!

His minstrel I-to share his doom

Bound from the cradle to the tomb.

245 Tenth in descent, since first my sires

Waked for his noble house their lyres,

Nor one of all the race was known

But prized its weal above their own.

With the Chief's birth begins our care;

250 Our harp must soothe the infant heir,

Teach the youth tales of fight, and grace

His earliest feat of field or chase;

In peace, in war, our ranks we keep,

We cheer his

board, we soothe his sleep,

255 Nor leave him till we pour our verse-

A doleful tribute!-o'er his hearse.

Then let me share his captive lot;

It is my right-deny it not!"

"Little we reck," said John of Brent,

260 "We Southern men, of long descent;

Nor wot we how a name-a word-

Makes clansmen vassals to a lord;

Yet kind my noble landlord's part-

God bless the house of Beaudesert!

265 And, but I loved to drive the deer,

More than to guide the laboring steer,

I had not dwelt an outcast here.

Come, good old Minstrel, follow me;

Thy Lord and Chieftain shalt thou see."

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