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   Chapter 177 No.177

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1113

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210 The signet ring young Lewis took,

With deep respect and altered look;

And said-"This ring our duties own;

And pardon, if to worth unknown,

In semblance mean obscurely veiled,

215 Lady, in aught my folly failed.

Soon as the day flings wide his gates,

The King shall know what suitor waits.

Please you, meanwhile, in fitting bower

Repose you till his waking hour;

220 Female attendance shall obey

Your hest, for service or array.

Permit I marshal you the way."

But, ere she followed, with the grace

And open boun

ty of her race,

225 She bade her slender purse be shared

Among the soldiers of the guard.

The rest with thanks their guerdon took;

But Brent, with shy and awkward look,

On the reluctant maiden's hold

230 Forced bluntly back the proffered gold:

"Forgive a haughty English heart,

And O forget its ruder part!

The vacant purse shall be my share,

Which in my barret-cap I'll bear.

235 Perchance, in jeopardy of war,

Where gayer crests may keep afar."

With thanks-'twas all she could-the maid

His rugged courtesy repaid.

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