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   Chapter 174 No.174

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1050

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"No, comrade; no such fortune mine.

After the fight these sought our line,

That aged harper and the girl,

135 And, having audience of the Earl,

Mar bade I should purvey them steed,

And bring them hitherward with speed.

Forbear your mirth and rude alarm,

For none shall do them shame or harm."

140 "Hear ye his boast?" cried John of Brent,

Ever to strife and jangling bent;

"Shall he strike doe beside our lodge,

And yet the jealous niggard grudge

To pay the forester his fee?

145 I'll h

ave my share, howe'er it be,

Despite of Moray, Mar, or thee."

Bertram his forward step withstood;

And, burning in his vengeful mood,

Old Allan, though unfit for strife;

150 Laid hand upon his dagger-knife;

But Ellen boldly stepped between,

And dropped at once the tartan screen.

So, from his morning cloud, appears

The sun of May, through summer tears.

155 The savage soldiery, amazed,

As on descended angel gazed;

Even hardy Brent, abashed and tamed,

Stood half admiring, half ashamed.

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