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   Chapter 173 No.173

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 967

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The warder's challenge, heard without,

Stayed in mid-roar the merry shout.

110 A soldier to the portal went-

"Here is old Bertram, sirs, of Ghent;

And-beat for jubilee the drum!

A maid and minstrel with him come."

Bertram, a Fleming, gray and scarred,

115 Was entering now the Court of Guard,

A harper with him, and in plaid

All muffled close, a mountain maid,

Who backward shrunk, to 'scape the view

Of the loose scene and boisterous crew.

120 "Wh

at news?" they roared. "I only know,

From noon till eve we fought with foe,

As wild and as untamable

As the rude mountains where they dwell;

On both sides store of blood is lost,

125 Nor much success can either boast."

"But whence thy captives, friend? Such spoil

As theirs must needs reward thy toil.

Old dost thou wax, and wars grow sharp;

Thou now hast glee-maiden and harp!

130 Get thee an ape, and trudge the land,

The leader of a juggler band."

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