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   Chapter 171 No.171

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 993

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65 They held debate of bloody fray,

Fought 'twixt Loch Katrine and Achray.

Fierce was their speech, and, mid their words,

Their hands oft grappled to their swords;

Nor sunk their tone to spare the ear

70 Of wounded comrades groaning near,

Whose mangled limbs, and bodies gored,

Bore token of the mountain sword,

Though, neighboring to the Court of Guard,

Their prayers and feverish wails were heard;

75 Sad burden to the ruffian joke,

And savage oath by fury spok


At length up-started John of Brent,

A yeoman from the banks of Trent;

A stranger to respect or fear,

80 In peace a chaser of the deer,

In host a hardy mutineer,

But still the boldest of the crew,

When deed of danger was to do.

He grieved, that day, their games cut short,

85 And marred the dicer's brawling sport,

And shouted loud, "Renew the bowl!

And, while in merry catch I troll,

Let each the buxom chorus bear,

Like brethren of the brand and spear."

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