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   Chapter 170 No.170

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 882

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These drew not for their fields the sword,

Like tenants of a feudal lord,

45 Nor owned the patriarchal claim

Of Chieftain in their leader's name;

Adventurers they, from far who roved,

To live by battle which they loved.

There the Italian's clouded face,

50 The swarthy Spaniard's there you trace;

The mountain-loving Switzer there

More freely breathed in mountain-air;

The Fleming there despised the soil,


at paid so ill the laborer's toil;

55 Their rolls showed French and German name;

And merry England's exiles came,

To share, with ill-concealed disdain,

Of Scotland's pay the scanty gain.

All brave in arms, well trained to wield

60 The heavy halberd, brand, and shield;note

In camps licentious, wild and bold;

In pillage fierce and uncontrolled;

And now, by holytide and feast,

From rules of discipline released.

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