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   Chapter 169 No.169

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1005

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At dawn the towers of Stirling rang

20 With soldier-step and weapon-clang,

While drums, with rolling note, foretell

Relief to weary sentinel.

Through narrow loop and casement barred,

The sunbeams sought the Court of Guard,

25 And, struggling with the smoky air,

Deadened the torches' yellow glare.

In comfortless alliance shone

The lights through arch of blackened stone,

And showed wild shapes in garb of war,

30 Faces deformed with beard and scar,

All haggard from

the midnight watch,

And fevered with the stern debauch;

For the oak table's massive board,

Flooded with wine, with fragments stored,

35 And beakers drained, and cups o'erthrown,

Showed in what sport the night had flown.

Some, weary, snored on floor and bench;

Some labored still their thirst to quench;

Some, chilled with watching, spread their hands

40 O'er the huge chimney's dying brands,

While round them, or beside them flung,

At every step their harness rung.note

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