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   Chapter 152 No.152

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1326

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He faltered thanks to Heaven for life,

Redeemed, unhoped, from desperate strife;

Next on his foe his look he cast,

440 Whose every gasp appeared his last;

In Roderick's gore he dipped the braid-

"Poor Blanche! thy wrongs are dearly paid;

Yet with thy foe must die, or live,

The praise that faith and valor give."

445 With that he blew a bugle-note,

Undid the collar from his throat,

Unbonneted, and by the wave

Sat down his brow and hands to lave.

Then faint afar are heard the feet

450 Of rushing steeds in gallop fleet;

The sounds increase, and now are seen

Four mounted squires in Lincoln green;

Two who bear lan

ce, and two who lead,

By loosened rein, a saddled steed;

455 Each onward held his headlong course,

And by Fitz-James reined up his horse-

With wonder viewed the bloody spot-

"Exclaim not, gallants! question not.

You, Herbert and Luffness, alight,

460 And bind the wounds of yonder knight;

Let the gray palfrey bear his weight,note

We destined for a fairer freight,

And bring him on to Stirling straight;

I will before at better speed,

465 To seek fresh horse and fitting weed.note

The sun rides high-I must be boune,

To see the archer-game at noon;

But lightly Bayard clears the lea-

De Vaux and Herries, follow me.

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