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   Chapter 149 No.149

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1313

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Dark lightning flashed from Roderick's eye-

"Soars thy presumption, then, so high,

Because a wretched kern ye slew,

350 Homage to name to Roderick Dhu?

He yields not, he, to man nor Fate!

Thou add'st but fuel to my hate;

My clansman's blood demands revenge.

Not yet prepared?-By heaven, I change

355 My thought, and hold thy valor light

As that of some vain carpet knight,

Who ill deserved my courteous care,

And whose best boast is but to wear

A braid of his fair lady's hair."

360 "I thank thee, Roderick, for the word!

It nerves my heart, it steels my sword;

For I have sworn this braid to stain

In the be

st blood that warms thy vein.

Now, truce, farewell! and ruth, begone!-

365 Yet think not that by thee alone,

Proud Chief! can courtesy be shown;

Though not from copse, or heath, or cairn,

Start at my whistle clansmen stern,

Of this small horn one feeble blast

370 Would fearful odds against thee cast.

But fear not-doubt not-which thou wilt-

We try this quarrel hilt to hilt."

Then each at once his falchion drew,

Each on the ground his scabbard threw,

375 Each looked to sun, and stream, and plain,

As what they ne'er might see again;

Then foot, and point, and eye opposed,

In dubious strife they darkly closed.

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