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   Chapter 148 No.148

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1129

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The Saxon paused: "I ne'er delayed,

320 When foeman bade me draw my blade;

Nay more, brave Chief, I vowed thy death;

Yet sure thy fair and generous faith,

And my deep debt for life preserved,

A better meed have well deserved.

325 Can naught but blood our feud atone?

Are there no means?" "No, Stranger, none!

And hear-to fire thy flagging zeal-

The Saxon cause rests on thy steel;

For thus spoke Fate, by prophet bred

330 Between the living and the dead;

'Who spills the foremost foeman's life,

His party conquers in the stri


"Then, by my word," the Saxon said,

"The riddle is already read.

335 Seek yonder brake beneath the cliff-

There lies Red Murdoch, stark and stiff.

Thus Fate hath solved her prophecy,

Then yield to Fate, and not to me.

To James, at Stirling, let us go,

340 When, if thou wilt be still his foe,

Or if the King shall not agree

To grant thee grace and favor free,

I plight mine honor, oath, and word,

That, to thy native strengths restored,

345 With each advantage shalt thou stand,

That aids thee now to guard thy land."

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