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   Chapter 146 No.146

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1571

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Fitz-James looked round-yet scarce believed

The witness that his sight received;

Such apparition well might seem

Delusion of a dreadful dream.

260 Sir Roderick in suspense he eyed,

And to his look the Chief replied,

"Fear naught-nay, that I need not say-

But-doubt not aught from mine array.

Thou art my guest-I pledged my word

265 As far as Coilantogle ford;

Nor would I call a clansman's brand

For aid against one valiant hand,

Though on our strife lay every vale

Rent by the Saxon from the Gael.

270 So move we on-I only meant

To show the reed on which you leant,

Deeming this path you might pursue

Without a pass from Roderick Dhu."

They moved-I said Fitz-James was brave,

275 As ever knight that belted glaive;

Yet dare n

ot say, that now his blood

Kept on its wont and tempered flood,

As, following Roderick's stride, he drew

That seeming lonesome pathway through,

280 Which yet, by fearful proof, was rife

With lances, that, to take his life,

Waited but signal from a guide,

So late dishonored and defied.

Ever, by stealth, his eye sought round

285 The vanished guardians of the ground,

And still, from copse and heather deep,

Fancy saw spear and broadsword peep,

And in the plover's shrilly strain,

The signal whistle heard again.

290 Nor breathed he free till far behind

The pass was left; for then they wind

Along a wide and level green,

Where neither tree nor tuft was seen,

Nor rush nor bush of broom was near,

295 To hide a bonnet or a spear.

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