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   Chapter 141 No.141

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 922

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Wrathful at such arraignment foul,

Dark lowered the clansman's sable scowl.

A space he paused, then sternly said,

115 "And heard'st thou why he drew his blade?

Heard'st thou that shameful word and blow

Brought Roderick's vengeance on his foe?

What recked the Chieftain if he stood

On Highland heath, or Holy-Rood?

120 He rights such wrong where it is given,

If it were in the court of heaven."

"Still was it outrage-yet, 'tis true,

Not then claimed sovereignty his due;

While Albany, with feeble hand,note

125 Held borrowed truncheon of command,

The young King, mewed in Stirling tower,

Was stranger to respect and power.

But then, thy Chieftain's robber life!

Winning mean prey by causeless strife,

130 Wrenching from ruined Lowland swain

His herds and harvest reared in vain-

Methinks a soul, like thine, should scorn

The spoils from such foul foray borne."

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