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   Chapter 140 No.140

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1048

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"Thy secret keep, I urge thee not;-

Yet, ere again ye sought this spot,

Say, heard ye nought of Lowland war,

Against Clan-Alpine, raised by Mar?"

90 "No, by my word-of bands prepared

To guard King James's sports I heard;

Nor doubt I aught, but, when they hear

This muster of the mountaineer,

Their pennons will abroad be flung,

95 Which else in Doune had peaceful hung."

"Free be they flung!-for we were loath

Their silken folds should feast the moth.

Free be they flung!-as free shall wa


Clan-Alpine's pine in banner brave.

100 But, Stranger, peaceful since you came,

Bewildered in the mountain game,

Whence the bold boast by which you show

Vich-Alpine's vowed and mortal foe?"

"Warrior, but yester-morn, I knew

105 Naught of thy Chieftain, Roderick Dhu,

Save as an outlawed desperate man,

The chief of a rebellious clan,

Who, in the Regent's court and sight,

With ruffian dagger stabbed a knight;

110 Yet this alone might from his part

Sever each true and loyal heart."

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