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   Chapter 138 No.138

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1050

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At length they came where, stern and steep,

The hill sinks down upon the deep.

Here Vennachar in silver flows,

There, ridge on ridge, Benledi rose;

40 Ever the hollow path twined on,

Beneath steep bank and threatening stone;

An hundred men might hold the post

With hardihood against a host.

The rugged mountain's scanty cloak

45 Was dwarfish shrubs of birch and oak,

With shingles bare, and cliffs between,note

And patches bright of bracken green,

And heather black, that waved so high,

It held the copse in rivalry.

50 But where the lake slept deep and still,

Dank osiers fringed the swamp and hill;

And oft both path and hill were torn,

Where wintry torrents down had borne,

And heaped upon the cumbered land

55 Its wreck of gravel, rocks and sand.

So toilsome was the road to trace,

The guide, abating of his pace,

Led slowly through the pass's jaws,

And asked Fitz-James, by what strange cause

60 He sought these wilds, traversed by few,

Without a pass from Roderick Dhu.

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