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   Chapter 135 No.135

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1234

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Beside its embers red and clear,

Basked, in his plaid, a mountaineer;

And up he sprung with sword in hand-

"Thy name and purpose! Saxon, stand!"

735 "A stranger." "What dost thou require?"

"Rest and a guide, and food and fire.

My life's beset, my path is lost,

The gale has chilled my limbs with frost."

"Art thou a friend to Roderick?" "No."

740 "Thou darest not call thyself a foe?"

"I dare! to him and all the band

He brings to aid his murderous hand."

"Bold words!-but, though the beast of game

The privilege of chase may claim,

745 Though space and law the stag we lend,

Ere hound we slip, or bow we bend,

Who ever recked, where, how, or when,

The prowling fox was trapped or slain?

Thus treacherous scouts-yet sure they lie,

750 Who say thou camest a secret spy!"

"They do, by heaven!-Come Roderick Dhu,

And of his clan the boldest two,

And let me but till morning rest,

I write the falsehood on their crest."

755 "If by the blaze I mark aright,

Thou bear'st the belt and spur of Knight."

"Then by these tokens may'st thou know

Each proud oppressor's mortal foe."

"Enough, enough; sit down and share

760 A soldier's couch, a soldier's fare."

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