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   Chapter 132 No.132

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1551

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She sat beneath a birchen-tree,

Her elbow resting on her knee;

She had withdrawn the fatal shaft,

640 And gazed on it, and feebly laughed;

Her wreath of broom and feathers gray,

Daggled with blood, beside her lay.

The Knight to staunch the life-stream tried-

"Stranger, it is in vain!" she cried.

645 "This hour of death has given me more

Of reason's power than years before;

For, as these ebbing veins decay,

My frenzied visions fade away.

A helpless injured wretch I die,

650 And something tells me in thine eye,

That thou wert mine avenger born.

Seest thou this tress?-Oh! still I've worn

This little tress of yellow hair,

Through danger, frenzy, and despair!

655 It once was bright and clear as thine,

But blood and

tears have dimmed its shine.

I will not tell thee when 'twas shred,

Nor from what guiltless victim's head-

My brain would turn!-but it shall wave

660 Like plumage on thy helmet brave,

Till sun and wind shall bleach the stain,

And thou wilt bring it me again.

I waver still-O God! more bright

Let reason beam her parting light!-

665 Oh! by thy knighthood's honored sign,

And for thy life preserved by mine,

When thou shalt see a darksome man,

Who boasts him Chief of Alpine's Clan,

With tartans broad and shadowy plume

670 And hand of blood, and brow of gloom,

Be thy heart bold, thy weapon strong,

And wreak poor Blanche of Devan's wrong!-

They watch for thee by pass and fell....

Avoid the path.... O God!... farewell."

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