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   Chapter 131 No.131

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1245

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Fitz-James's mind was passion-tossed,

When Ellen's hints and fears were lost;

But Murdoch's shout suspicion wrought,

And Blanche's song conviction brought.

610 Not like a stag that spies the snare,

But lion of the hunt aware,

He waved at once his blade on high,

"Disclose thy treachery, or die!"

Forth at full speed the Clansman flew,

615 But in his race his bow he drew.

The shaft just grazed Fitz-James's crest,

And thrilled in Blanche's faded breast.

Murdoch of Alpine! prove thy speed,

For ne'er had Alpine's son such need!

620 With heart of fire, and foot of wind,

The fie

rce avenger is behind!

Fate judges of the rapid strife-

The forfeit death-the prize is life!

Thy kindred ambush lies before,

625 Close couched upon the heathery moor;

Them couldst thou reach!-it may not be-

Thine ambushed kin thou ne'er shalt see,

The fiery Saxon gains on thee!

Resistless speeds the deadly thrust,

630 As lightning strikes the pine to dust;

With foot and hand Fitz-James must strain,

Ere he can win his blade again.

Bent o'er the fallen, with falcon eye,

He grimly smiled to see him die;

635 Then slower wended back his way,

Where the poor maiden bleeding lay.

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