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   Chapter 129 No.129

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 745

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"Hush thee, poor maiden, and be still!"

"Oh! thou look'st kindly and I will.

Mine eye has dried and wasted been,

575 But still it loves the Lincoln green;

And, though mine ear is all unstrung,

Still, still it loves the Lowland tongue.

"For O my sweet William was forester true,

He stole poor Blanche's heart away!

580 His coat it was all of the gre

enwood hue,

And so blithely he trilled the Lowland lay!

"It was not that I meant to tell....

But thou art wise and guessest well."

Then, in a low and broken tone,

585 And hurried note, the song went on.

Still on the Clansman, fearfully,

She fixed her apprehensive eye;

Then turned it on the Knight, and then

Her look glanced wildly o'er the glen.

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