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   Chapter 128 No.128

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1183

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"Who is this maid? what means her lay?

She hovers o'er the hollow way,

545 And flutters wide her mantle gray,

As the lone heron spreads his wing,

By twilight, o'er a haunted spring."

"'Tis Blanche of Devan," Murdoch said,

"A crazed and captive Lowland maid,

550 Ta'en on the morn she was a bride,

When Roderick forayed Devan side.

The gay bridegroom resistance made,

And felt our Chief's unconquered blade.

I marvel she is now at large,

555 But oft she 'scapes from Maudlin's charge.note

Hence, brain-sick fool!"-he raised his bow.

"Now, if thou stri

k'st her but one blow,

I'll pitch thee from the cliff as far

As ever peasant pitched a bar!"-note

560 "Thanks, champion, thanks!" the maniac cried,

And pressed her to Fitz-James's side.

"See the gray pennons I prepare,

To seek my true-love through the air!

I will not lend that savage groom,note

565 To break his fall, one downy plume!

No! Deep amid disjointed stones,

The wolves shall batten on his bones,

And then shall his detested plaid,

By bush and brier in mid air stayed,

570 Wave forth a banner fair and free,

Meet signal for their revelry."

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