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   Chapter 126 No.126

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1013

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Now wound the path its dizzy ledge

Around a precipice's edge,

When lo! a wasted female form,

505 Blighted by wrath of sun and storm,

In tattered weeds and wild array,

Stood on a cliff beside the way,

And glancing round her restless eye,

Upon the wood, the rock, the sky,

510 Seemed naught to mark, yet all to spy.

Her brow was wreathed with gaudy broom;

With gesture wild she waved a plume

Of feathers which the eagles fling

To crag and cliff from dusky wing;

515 Suc

h spoils her desperate step had sought,

Where scarce was footing for the goat.

The tartan plaid she first descried,

And shrieked till all the rocks replied;

As loud she laughed when near they drew,

520 For then the Lowland garb she knew;

And then her hands she wildly wrung,

And then she wept, and then she sung-

She sung!-the voice, in better time,

Perchance to harp or lute might chime;

525 And now, though strained and roughened, still

Rung wildly sweet to dale and hill.

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