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The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1190

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Merry it is in the good greenwood,

When the mavis and merle are singing,note

When the deer sweeps by, and the hounds are in cry,

And the hunter's horn is ringing.

265 "O Alice Brand, my native land

Is lost for love of you;

And we must hold by wood and wold,

As outlaws wont to do.

"O Alice, 'twas all for thy locks so bright,

270 And 'twas all for thine eyes so blue,

That on the night of our luckless flight,

Thy brother bold I slew.

"Now must I teach to hew the beech

The hand that held the glaive,

275 For leaves to spread our lowly bed,

And stake

s to fence our cave.

"And for vest of pall, thy fingers small,

That wont on harp to stray,

A cloak must shear from the slaughtered deer,

280 To keep the cold away."

"O Richard! if my brother died,

'Twas but a fatal chance;

For darkling was the battle tried,note

And fortune sped the lance.

285 "If pall and vair no more I wear,note

Nor thou the crimson sheen,

As warm, we'll say, is the russet gray,

As gay the forest-green.

"And, Richard, if our lot be hard,

290 And lost thy native land,

Still Alice has her own Richard,

And he his Alice Brand."

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