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   Chapter 115 ELLEN

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1221

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"No, Allan, no! Pretext so kind

My wakeful terrors could not blind.

When in such tender tone, yet grave,

210 Douglas a parting blessing gave,

The tear that glistened in his eye

Drowned not his purpose fixed and high.

My soul, though feminine and weak,

Can image his; e'en as the lake,

215 Itself disturbed by slightest stroke,

Reflects the invulnerable rock.

He hears the report of battle rife,

He deems himself the cause of strife.

I saw him redden, when the theme

220 Turned, Allan, on thine idle dream

Of Malcolm Graeme in fetters bound,

Which I, thou saidst, ab

out him wound.

Think'st thou he trowed thine omen aught?

Oh, no! 'twas apprehensive thought

225 For the kind youth-for Roderick too-

Let me be just-that friend so true;

In danger both, and in our cause!

Minstrel, the Douglas dare not pause.

Why else that solemn warning given,

230 'If not on earth, we meet in heaven!'

Why else, to Cambus-kenneth's fane,note

If eve return him not again,

Am I to hie, and make me known?

Alas! he goes to Scotland's throne,

235 Buys his friend's safety with his own;

He goes to do-what I had done,

Had Douglas' daughter been his son!"

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