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   Chapter 114 No.114

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 894

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Where is the Douglas?-he is gone;

185 And Ellen sits on the gray stone

Fast by the cave, and makes her moan;

While vainly Allan's words of cheer

Are poured on her unheeding ear:

"He will return-dear lady trust!

190 With joy return-he will-he must.

Well was it time to seek, afar,

Some refuge from impending war,

When e'en Clan-Alpine's rugged swarm

Are cowed by the approaching storm.

195 I saw their boats with ma

ny a light,

Floating the live-long yesternight,

Shifting like flashes darted forth

By the red streamers of the north;

I marked at morn how close they ride,

200 Thick moored by the lone islet's side,

Like wild-ducks couching in the fen,

When stoops the hawk upon the glen.

Since this rude race dare not abide

The peril on the mainland side,

205 Shall not thy noble father's care

Some safe retreat for thee prepare?"

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