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   Chapter 113 No.113

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1384

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150 "At Doune, o'er many a spear and glaivenote

Two Barons proud their banners wave.

I saw the Moray's silver star,

And marked the sable pale of Mar."note

"By Alpine's soul, high tidings those!

155 I love to hear of worthy foes.

When move they on?" "Tomorrow's noon

Will see them here for battle boune."

"Then shall it see a meeting stern!

But, for the place-say, couldst thou learn

160 Nought of the friendly clans of Earn?

Strengthened by them, we well might bide

The battle on Benledi's side.

Thou couldst not! Well! Clan-Alpine's men

Shall man the Trossachs' shaggy glen;

165 Within Loch Katrine's gorge we'll fight,

All in our maids' and m

atrons' sight,

Each for his hearth and household fire,

Father for child, and son for sire-

Lover for maid beloved! But why-

170 Is it the breeze affects mine eye?

Or dost thou come, ill-omened tear!

A messenger of doubt and fear?

No! sooner may the Saxon lance

Unfix Benledi from his stance,note

175 Than doubt or terror can pierce through

The unyielding heart of Roderick Dhu!

'Tis stubborn as his trusty targe.

Each to his post-all know their charge."

The pibroch sounds, the bands advance,

180 The broadswords gleam, the banners dance,

Obedient to the Chieftain's glance.

-I turn me from the martial roar,

And seek Coir-Uriskin once more.

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