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   Chapter 110 NORMAN

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1180

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"That bull was slain; his reeking hide

80 They stretched the cataract beside,

Whose waters their wild tumult toss

Adown the black and craggy bossnote

Of that huge cliff, whose ample verge

Tradition calls the Hero's Targe.

85 Couched on a shelf beneath its brink,

Close where the thundering torrents sink,

Rocking beneath their headlong sway,

And drizzled by the ceaseless spray,

Midst groan of rock, and roar of stream,

90 The wizard waits prophetic dream.

Nor distant rests the Chief-but hush!

See, gliding slow through mist and bush,

The hermit g

ains yon rock, and stands

To gaze upon our slumbering bands.

95 Seems he not, Malise, like a ghost,

That hovers o'er a slaughtered host?

Or raven on the blasted oak,

That, watching while the deer is broke,note

His morsel claims with sullen croak?"


100 "Peace! peace! to other than to me

Thy words were evil augury;

But still I hold Sir Roderick's blade

Clan-Alpine's omen and her aid,

Not aught that, gleaned from heaven or hell,

105 Yon fiend-begotten Monk can tell.

The Chieftain joins him, see-and now,

Together they descend the brow."

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