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   Chapter 109 No.109

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 967

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55 "'Tis well advised-the Chieftain's plan

Bespeaks the father of his clan.

But wherefore sleeps Sir Roderick Dhu

Apart from all his followers true?"

"It is, because last evening-tide

60 Brian an augury hath tried,

Of that dread kind which must not be

Unless in dread extremity,

The Taghairm called; by which, afar,note

Our sires foresaw the events of war.

65 Duncraggan's milk-white bull they slew."


"Ah! Well the gallant brute I knew,


he choicest of the prey we had,

When swept our merrymen Gallangad.note

His hide was snow, his horns were dark,

70 His red eye glowed like fiery spark;

So fierce, so tameless, and so fleet,

Sore did he cumber our retreat,

And kept our stoutest kerns in awe,note

Even at the pass of Beal 'maha.

75 But steep and flinty was the road,

And sharp the hurrying pikeman's goad,

And when we came to Dennan's Row,

A child might scatheless stroke his brow."note

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