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   Chapter 107 No.107

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 900

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10 Such fond conceit, half said, half sung,

Love prompted to the bridegroom's tongue.

All while he stripped the wild-rose spray,

His ax and bow beside him lay,

For on a pass 'twixt lake and wood,

15 A wakeful sentinel he stood.

Hark! on the rock a footstep rung,

And instant to his arms he sprung.

"Stand, or thou diest!-What, Malise?-soon

Art thou returned from Braes of Doune.note

20 By thy keen step and glance I know


Thou bring'st us tidings of the foe."

For while the Fiery Cross hied on,

On distant scout had Malise gone.-

"Where sleeps the Chief?" the henchman said.

25 "Apart, in yonder misty glade;

To his lone couch I'll be your guide."

Then called a slumberer by his side,

And stirred him with his slackened bow-

"Up, up, Glantarkin! rouse thee, ho!

30 We seek the Chieftain; on the track,

Keep eagle watch till I come back."

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