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   Chapter 105 No.105

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 791

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740 Died on the harp the closing hymn-

Unmoved in attitude and limb,

As listening still, Clan-Alpine's lord

Stood leaning on his heavy sword,

Until the page, with humble sign,

745 Twice pointed to the sun's decline.

Then while his plaid he round him cast,

"It is the last time-'tis the last,"

He muttered thrice, "the last time e'er

That angel voice shall Roderick hear


750 It was a goading thought-his stride

Hied hastier down the mountain side;

Sullen he flung him in the boat,

And instant 'cross the lake it shot.

They landed in that silvery bay,

755 And eastward held their hasty way,

Till, with the latest beams of light,

The band arrived on Lanrick height,

Where mustered, in the vale below,

Clan-Alpine's men in martial show.

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