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   Chapter 102 No.102

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1108

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Now eve, with western shadows long,

660 Floated on Katrine bright and strong,

When Roderick, with a chosen few,

Repassed the heights of Benvenue.

Above the Goblin-cave they go,

Through the wild pass of Beal-nam-bo:note

665 The prompt retainers speed before,

To launch the shallop from the shore,

For 'cross Loch Katrine lies his way

To view the passes of Achray,

And place his clansmen in array.

670 Yet lags the chief in musing mind,

Unwonted sight, his men behind.

A single page, to bear his sword,note

Alone a

ttended on his lord;

The rest their way through thickets break,

675 And soon await him by the lake.

It was a fair and gallant sight,

To view them from the neighboring height,

By the low-leveled sunbeam's light!

For strength and stature, from the clan

680 Each warrior was a chosen man,

As even afar might well be seen,

By their proud step and martial mien.

Their feathers dance, their tartans float,

Their targets gleam, as by the boat

685 A wild and warlike group they stand,

That well became such mountain-strand.

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