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   Chapter 98 SONG 98

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 907

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545 The heath this night must be my bed,

The bracken curtain for my head,note

My lullaby the warder's tread,

Far, far, from love and thee, Mary;

To-morrow eve, more stilly laid,

550 My couch may be my bloody plaid,

My vesper song, thy wail, sweet maid!

It will not waken me, Mary!

I may not, dare not, fancy now

The grief that clouds thy lovely brow,

555 I dare not think upon thy vow,

And all it promised me, Mary.


fond regret must Norman know;

When bursts Clan-Alpine on the foe,

His heart must be like bended bow,

560 His foot like arrow free, Mary.

A time will come with feeling fraught,

For if I fall in battle fought,

Thy hapless lover's dying thought

Shall be a thought on thee, Mary.

565 And if returned from conquered foes,

How blithely will the evening close,

How sweet the linnet sing repose,

To my young bride and me, Mary!

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