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   Chapter 94 No.94

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1052

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Benledi saw the Cross of Fire;

It glanced like lightning up Strath-Ire.

O'er dale and hill the summons flew,

455 Nor rest nor pause young Angus knew;

The tear that gathered in his eye

He left the mountain breeze to dry;

Until, where Teith's young waters roll

Betwixt him and a wooded knoll

460 That graced the sable strath with green,

The chapel of St. Bride was seen.note

Swoln was the stream, remote the bridge,

But Angus paused not on the edge;

Though the dark waves danced dizzily,


65 Though reeled his sympathetic eye,

He dashed amid the torrent's roar.

His right hand high the crosslet bore,

His left the pole-ax grasped, to guidenote

And stay his footing in the tide.

470 He stumbled twice-the foam splashed high;

With hoarser swell the stream raced by;

And had he fallen-forever there,

Farewell Duncraggan's orphan heir!

But still, as if in parting life,

475 Firmer he grasped the Cross of strife,

Until the opposing bank he gained,

And up the chapel pathway strained.

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