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   Chapter 85 No.85

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1254

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The shout was hushed on lake and fell,

The Monk resumed his muttered spell;

225 Dismal and low its accents came,

The while he scathed the Cross with flame:

And the few words that reached the air,

Although the holiest name was there,

Had more of blasphemy than prayer.

230 But when he shook above the crowd

Its kindled points, he spoke aloud:

"Woe to the wretch, who fails to rear

At this dread sign the ready spear!

For, as the flames this symbol sear,

235 His home, the refuge of his fear,

A kindred fate shall know;

Far o'er its roof the volumed flame

Clan-Alpine's vengeance shal

l proclaim,

While maids and matrons on his name

240 Shall call down wretchedness and shame,

And infamy and woe."

Then rose the cry of females, shrill

As goshawk's whistle on the hill,

Denouncing misery and ill,

245 Mingled with childhood's babbling trill

Of curses stammered slow;

Answering, with imprecation dread,

"Sunk be his home in embers red!

And curséd be the meanest shed

250 That e'er shall hide the houseless head

We doom to want and woe!"

A sharp and shrieking echo gave,

Coir-Uriskin, thy goblin cave!note

And the gray pass where birches wave,

255 On Beala-nam-bo.

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