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   Chapter 84 No.84

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 940

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"Woe to the clansman, who shall viewnote

200 This symbol of sepulchral yew,

Forgetful that its branches grew

Where weep the heavens their holiest dew

On Alpine's dwelling low!

Deserter of his Chieftain's trust,

205 He ne'er shall mingle with their dust,

But, from his sires and kindred thrust,

Each clansman's execration just

Shall doom him wrath and woe."

He paused-the word the vassals took,

210 With forward step and fiery look,


high their naked brands they shook,

Their clattering targets wildly strook;

And first in murmur low,

Then, like the billow in his course,

215 That far to seaward finds his source,

And flings to shore his mustered force,

Burst, with loud roar, their answer hoarse,

"Woe to the traitor, woe!"

Ben-an's grey scalp the accents knew,

220 The joyous wolf from cover drew,

The exulting eagle screamed afar-

They knew the voice of Alpine's war.

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