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   Chapter 81 No.81

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1006

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Alone, among his young compeers,

Was Brian from his infant years;

125 A moody and heartbroken boy,

Estranged from sympathy and joy,

Bearing each taunt with careless tongue

On his mysterious lineage flung.

Whole nights he spent by moonlight pale,

130 To wood and stream his hap to wail,

Till, frantic, he as truth received

What of his birth the crowd believed,

And sought, in mist and meteor fire,

To meet and know his Phantom Sire!

135 In vain, to soothe his wayward


The cloister oped her pitying gate;

In vain, the learning of the age

Unclasped the sable-lettered page;

Even in its treasures he could find

140 Food for the fever of his mind.

Eager he read whatever tells

Of magic, cabala, and spells,

And every dark pursuit allied

To curious and presumptuous pride;

145 Till with fired brain and nerves o'erstrung,

And heart with mystic horrors wrung,

Desperate he sought Benharrow's den,

And hid him from the haunts of men.

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