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   Chapter 60 No.60

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1032

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With all her joyful female band,

440 Had Lady Margaret sought the strand.

Loose on the breeze their tresses flew,

And high their snowy arms they threw,

As echoing back with shrill acclaim,

And chorus wild, the Chieftain's name;

445 While, prompt to please, with mother's art,

The darling passion of his heart,

The Dame called Ellen to the strand,

To greet her kinsman ere he land:

"Come, loiterer, come! a Douglas thou,

450 And shun to wreathe a victor's brow?"

Reluctantly and sl

ow, the maid

The unwelcome summoning obeyed,

And, when a distant bugle rung,

In the mid-path aside she sprung:

455 "List Allan-bane! From mainland cast

I hear my father's signal blast.

Be ours," she cried, "the skiff to guide,

And waft him from the mountain side."

Then, like a sunbeam, swift and bright,

460 She darted to her shallop light,

And, eagerly while Roderick scanned,

For her dear form, his mother's band,

The islet far behind her lay,

And she had landed in the bay.

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