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   Chapter 55 No.55

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 963

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Far up the lengthened lake were spiednote

Four darkening specks upon the tide,

That, slow enlarging on the view,

Four manned and masted barges grew,note

335 And, bearing downwards from Glengyle,note

Steered full upon the lonely isle;

The point of Brianchoil they passed,

And, to the windward as they cast,

Against the sun they gave to shine

340 The bold Sir Roderick's bannered Pine.

Nearer and nearer as they bear,

Spears, pikes, and axes flash in


Now might you see the tartans brave,note

And plaids and plumage dance and wave;

345 Now see the bonnets sink and rise,

As his tough oar the rower plies;

See, flashing at each sturdy stroke,

The wave ascending into smoke;

See the proud pipers on the bow,

350 And mark the gaudy streamers flow

From their loud chanters down, and sweep

The furrowed bosom of the deep,

As, rushing through the lake amain,

They plied the ancient Highland strain.

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