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   Chapter 51 No.51

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1163

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The ancient bard his glee repressed:

"Ill hast thou chosen theme for jest!

For who, through all this western wild,

220 Named Black Sir Roderick e'er, and smiled!

In Holy-Rood a knight he slew;note

I saw, when back the dirk he drew,

Courtiers give place before the stride

Of the undaunted homicide;

225 And since, though outlawed, hath his hand

Full sternly kept his mountain land.

Who else dared give-ah! woe the day,note

That I such hated truth should say-

The Douglas, like a stricken deer,

230 Disowned by every noble peer,

Even the rude

refuge we have here?

Alas, this wild marauding Chief

Alone might hazard our relief,

And now thy maiden charms expand,

235 Looks for his guerdon in thy hand;

Full soon may dispensation sought,note

To back his suit, from Rome he brought.

Then, though an exile on the hill,

Thy father, as the Douglas, still

240 Be held in reverence and fear;

And though to Roderick thou'rt so dear,

That thou might'st guide with silken thread,

Slave of thy will, this chieftain dread;

Yet, O loved maid, thy mirth refrain!

245 Thy hand is on a lion's mane."

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