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   Chapter 45 No.45

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1261

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While yet he loitered on the spot,

It seemed as Ellen marked him not;

But when he turned him to the glade,

85 One courteous parting sign she made;

And after, oft the knight would say,

That not when prize of festal day

Was dealt him by the brightest fair,

Who e'er wore jewel in her hair,

90 So highly did his bosom swell,

As at that simple mute farewell.

Now with a trusty mountain-guide,

And his dark stag-hounds by his side,

He parts-the maid, unconscious still,

95 Watched him wind slowly round the hill;

But when his stately form was hid,

The guardian in her bosom chid-

"Thy Ma

lcolm! vain and selfish maid!"

'Twas thus upbraiding conscience said-

100 "Not so had Malcolm idly hung

On the smooth phrase of southern tongue;

Not so had Malcolm strained his eye

Another step than thine to spy.

Wake, Allan-bane," aloud she cried,

105 To the old Minstrel by her side-

"Arouse thee from thy moody dream!

I'll give thy harp heroic theme,

And warm thee with a noble name;

Pour forth the glory of the Graeme!"

110 Scarce from her lip the word had rushed,

When deep the conscious maiden blushed;

For of his clan, in hall and bower,

Young Malcolm Graeme was held the flower.

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