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   Chapter 39 No.39

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 965

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At length, with Ellen in a grove

695 He seemed to walk, and speak of love;

She listened with a blush and sigh,

His suit was warm, his hopes were high.

He sought her yielded hand to clasp,

And a cold gauntlet met his grasp;

700 The phantom's sex was changed and gone,

Upon its head a helmet shone;

Slowly enlarged to giant size,

With darkened cheek and threatening eyes,

The grisly visage, stern and hoar,

705 To Ellen still a likeness bore.

He wo

ke, and, panting with affright,

Recalled the vision of the night.

The hearth's decaying brands were red.

And deep and dusky luster shed,

710 Half showing, half concealing, all

The uncouth trophies of the hall.

Mid those the stranger fixed his eye,

Where that huge falchion hung on high,

And thoughts on thoughts, a countless throng,

715 Rushed, chasing countless thoughts along.

Until, the giddy whirl to cure,

He rose, and sought the moonshine pure.

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