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   Chapter 38 No.38

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1102

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The hall was cleared-the stranger's bed

Was there of mountain heather spread,

Where oft a hundred guests had lain,

And dreamed their forest sports again.

670 But vainly did the heath-flower shed

Its moorland fragrance round his head;

Not Ellen's spell had lulled to rest

The fever of his troubled breast.

In broken dreams the image rose

675 Of varied perils, pains, and woes:

His steed now flounders in the brake,

Now sinks his barge upon the lake;

Now leader of a broken host,

His standard falls, his honor's lo


680 Then-from my couch may heavenly might

Chase that worst phantom of the night!

Again returned the scenes of youth,

Of confident undoubting truth;

Again his soul he interchanged

685 With friends whose hearts were long estranged.

They come, in dim procession led,

The cold, the faithless, and the dead;

As warm each hand, each brow as gay,

As if they parted yesterday.

690 And doubt distracts him at the view-

O were his senses false or true?

Dreamed he of death, or broken vow,

Or is it all a vision now?

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