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   Chapter 32 No.32

The Lady of the Lake By Walter Scott Characters: 1045

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"My hope, my heaven, my trust must be,

535 My gentle guide, in following thee."

He crossed the threshold-and a clang

Of angry steel that instant rang.

To his bold brow his spirit rushed,

But soon for vain alarm he blushed,

540 When on the floor he saw displayed,

Cause of the din, a naked blade

Dropped from the sheath, that careless flung

Upon a stag's huge antlers swung;

For all around, the walls to grace,

545 Hung trophies of the fight or chase:

A target there, a bugle here,note

A battle-ax, a hunting spear,

And broadswords, bows, and arrows store,

With the tusked trophies of the boar.

550 Here grins the wolf as when he died,

And there the wild-cat's brindled hide

The frontlet of the elk adorns,

Or mantles o'er the bison's horns;

Pennons and flags defaced and stained,

555 That blackening streaks of blood retained,

And deer-skins, dappled, dun, and white,

With otter's fur and seal's unite,

In rude and uncouth tapestry all,

To garnish forth the silvan hall.

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