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   Chapter 50 No.50

The History of London By Walter Besant Characters: 793

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ague: a fever coming on at intervals, with fits of shivering.

isolation: living away from outside communication, a lonely position like that of men on an island cut off from the rest of the world.

Flemings: the people of Flanders, a district now comprising parts of Belgium, South Holland, and North France.

Walsingham: a place in the north of Norfolk, where was a famous shrine.


tonbury: a small town near Wells, in Somersetshire.

Compostella: a place in Spain where is the shrine of St. James, the patron saint of Spain.

Chaucer: the great early English poet, born in London 1328, died 1400.

expiation: making amends for, atonement.

Holy Sepulchre: the burial place of our Lord at Jerusalem, to rescue which from the Turks was the object of the Crusades.

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